Carlangelo Liverani - Deterministic walks in random environment

schedule le mardi 26 juin 2018 de 16h30 à 17h30

Organisé par : LPSM

Intervenant : Carlangelo Liverani (Univ. Roma "Tor Vergata")
Lieu : Salle 0011, Sophie Germain (Université Paris Diderot)

Sujet : Deterministic walks in random environment

Résumé :

A deterministic walk consists of a point with an internal state that moves in an environment according to a

deterministic rule. When the environments under consideration are described by a probability distribution,

then we call the environment random. I will discuss some simple models of deterministic walk in random environment

and show in which sense they are a generalisation of random walks in random environment. Then I will present some

recent results that, hopefully, are relevant for the study of the random Lorentz gas.