D. Chelkak- Double-dimers in bounded planar domains: convergence to GFF and CLE(4) ?

schedule le mardi 18 décembre 2018 de 14h00 à 15h00

Organisé par : LPSM

Intervenant : Dmitry Chelkak (ENS-Paris)
Lieu : Jussieu, tours 16-26, 2ème étage, salle 209.

Sujet : Dmitry Chelkak-Double-dimers in bounded planar domains: convergence to GFF and CLE(4) ?

Résumé :

It is well known that convergence results for the double-dimer model on discretizations of a given planar domain are usually highly sensitive to microscopic details of discrete boundaries. In the first part of the talk we briefly overview known results on the convergence of double-dimer height functions as well as the recent progress on the convergence of loop ensembles for Temperleyan boundaries (arXiv:1809.00690, joint work with M.Basok). In the second part, we discuss new embeddings of weighted bipartite graphs into the complex plane that might pave the way to a more robust (with respect to boundary details) approach to such convergence questions (arXiv:1810.05616 by R.Kenyon, W.Lam, M.Russkikh, S.Ramassamy and the joint work in progress with B.Laslier and M.Russkikh).