Mikhail Menshikov- Localisation in a growth model with interaction

schedule le mardi 13 février 2018 de 16h30 à 17h30

Organisé par : LPSM

Intervenant : Mikhail Menshikov (Durham University)
Lieu : Salle Paul Lévy (113) 1er étage Tours 16-26, Jussieu.

Sujet : Localisation in a growth model with interaction.

Résumé :

  Join work with M. Costa, V Shcherbakov, M. Vachkovskaia

This paper concerns the long term behaviour of a growth model describing a random sequential allocation of particles on a finite cycle graph. The model can be regarded as a reinforced urn model with graph-based interactions. It is motivated by cooperative sequential adsorption, where adsorption rates at a site depend on the configuration of existing particles in the neighbourhood of that site. Our main result is that, with probability one, the growth process will eventually localise either at a single site, or at a pair of neighbouring sites. 

Title to be announced.