GRAAL research project Project (GRaphes et Arbres ALéatoires, reference: ANR-14-CE25-0014).

The project is a collaborative research (program: “Défi de tous les Savoirs” (DS10) 2014). Its main ambition is to draw together distinct domains of probability theory, combinatorics, stochastic processes and theoretical physics that are concerned in the same random objects (graphs, trees and maps) in order to yield new perspective on challenging problems (see here for more details)

The project beginning is October 2014 and its duration is 60 months.

The Graal project gathers circa 45 researchers .

The Graal project has 3 partners:

Project and Partner 1 coordinator: Thomas Duquesne

Partner 2 coordinator : Mireille Bousquet-Mélou

Partner 3 coordinator: Jérémie Bettinelli.